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Jonathan and Beka - Clarkston, GA

Jonathan and Beka have a passion to see the Name of Jesus exalted among all peoples to the ends of the earth, and have a particular burden for Muslim people groups. They labored in church planting in a closed Muslim country for 6 years before returning in 2010 to minister to refugees in Clarkston, Georgia. In 2011, their team planted a multi-ethnic church and lead a team of 5 families who labor daily towards raising up new church planters from among the one hundred plus nations in Clarkston. They are engaged in a Word and Deed ministry wherein they are the hands and feet of Jesus (friendship, education, food, clothes, interpretation, advocacy) while proclaiming the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (evangelism, telling Bible stories, Kids Bible Club, distribution of Bibles and discipleship materials in mother tongues).

God has uniquely equipped Jonathan and Beka to work with Muslims in the United States by granting them the gift of fluency in the Arabic language and an extensive knowledge of Arab culture and people. There are tens of thousands of Muslims in and around Clarkston, and Georgia is now home to 81 Mosques (the majority of which are located in and around Atlanta). We believe that God has sent these Muslim people to Clarkston so that they may hear the Words of Life which they might never have heard in their home countries. God has already brought many into His Kingdom and we know that He is not finished yet!