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Who is the Real Hero?

Faith and I watch a show on Netflix telling a modern version of King Arthur. The series depicts Merlin as a contemporary of Arthur, who is still a young prince in his father’s court.

One day I asked Faith, “Who is the real hero?”

Faith feels Merlin is the true hero because “he’s always saving Arthur.”

I believe it is Arthur. While it is Merlin’s destiny to keep Arthur alive, it is ultimately Arthur who saves Camelot. Arthur’s death brings to Camelot final peace and rest from the evil powers trying to rule the land.

Faith and I brainstormed the ways that Arthur is a less than perfect example of what Christ does for us. In one episode, a fight breaks out in a tavern when Arthur steps in to help the tavern owner. The trouble makers in stockades and Arthur mounted on his horse, he declares, “If this man ever troubles you again, word is to be sent to Camelot. Soldiers will be here within a day.” The tavern owner asks, “How can you make a promise like that?” And Arthur replies, “Because I’m the king’s son. Prince Arthur.”

The way I see it, Merlin's constant need to save Arthur is because the brave prince always leaves the safety of his castle and his knights to rescue lowly servants, widows, orphans and even his enemies.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with Harvest and my role as Children’s and Youth ministries coordinator.

This weekend I attended a Children’s Ministry conference. One comment stuck out to me. “God is the real hero in the Bible. It’s not David when he defeated Goliath. It’s not Moses or Joshua who led Israel. It’s God. Without God none of the other things would’ve turned out.”

Rich and I challenge our children and youth volunteers to show how the entire Bible, throughout the different narratives, ultimately point to Jesus, who left the safety of his castle to rescue lowly sinners and Gentiles like us. He did so with the authority of the king. Jesus’ death gives his people final peace and rest from the spiritual powers ruling the land.

Here is my challenge to you. What are your kids’ favorite stories and movies? See if you can find ways in which the hero of the story does the things Jesus does for us.

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