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Hope - Anchoring Your Heart to a Sure and Certain Future

We speak a lot about “hope” during Advent and most of us begin January with a lot of hope for the coming year. The following article is a wonderfully written and important reminder of why Christians are to be people of hope regardless of the circumstances we face. The author does not rely on superficial platitudes or positive thinking to make his point but deals rea...

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The Difference Between Faith and Belief

The difference between real faith and believing!...

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Happy Reformation Day!

October 31, 2015 marks the 498th anniversary of Martin Luther's nailing of his ninety-five theses on the doors of Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany--an event that changed the world....

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Being Faithful

Those who seek to be faithful to Christ and his gospel will face persecution and suffering....

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Persecution and Suffering and Plan B

We will face persecution. We will suffer. This is Plan A. There is no other!...

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The Kingdom of Our God

Flash mob singing Handel's Messiah...

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Crucial Questions - Free Books

Free ebooks from Ligonier...

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Heaven Will Never Be Boring

Thoughts from Dave Redford of The Gray Havens...

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Where Is God Asking You to Take Him at His Word?

Every area where we struggle or cause damage to ourselves or others, every act of disobedience, stems from a failure to take God at his word....

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What Is the Secret to Contentment?

If you belong to Christ, like the apostle Paul you can and should learn the secret of a contented life. He had learned the secret to contentment in every circumstance of life (Phil 4:11-2). While that secret eludes most people, it need not elude any true believer. For those who are willing to learn, here are six steps to a contented life from the life and teaching of Paul....

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